Art at Home with Seth from the Latrobe Art Center

Seth takes you through drawing and coloring the sweetest thing to come out of Latrobe!

Banana Split Art Lesson

  1. Cut out the patterns on cardstock or copy paper. (Download the pattern below)
    *Ice Cream
    *Whipped Cream and Cherries
  2. Start by placing the patterns on your paper and outlining them.
  3. Then draw the syrup on top of all three scoops of ice cream.
  4. Draw a line on either side of the dish to make the table (at the bottom) and the wall (at the top).
  5. Now use a black Sharpie and outline every part of the banana split.
  6. Then outline either side of the lines on the wallpaper and tablecloth.
  7. Take your crayons and color all three kinds of color syrup: brown for chocolate, yellow for pineapple, and red for strawberry.
  8. Next we will do the whipped cream – color it white, and then color the cherries red.
  9. Use the crayons on the ice cream. On the left scoop, make little brown sprinkles lines. On the middle scoop, make little black dots. On the right scoop, make little red sprinkles lines.
  10. With an orange crayon, make your lines on the banana.
  11. Using your crayons, use brown colors to make the walnut sprinkles on your whipped cream.
  12. Next we will do the tablecloth pattern. Use a pencil and you can do whatever you want that you think will look nice. Use a white crayon on the patterns and press hard.
  13. The wallpaper is next. Take a pencil and use your ruler to make dotted or straight lines for a pattern on the wallpaper. You can use any color crayons you want except yellow.
  14. Take a pencil and draw the sections on your dish. Remember, the sections are on the patterns you cut out at the beginning to trace the dish. Then use your white crayons and go over them, pressing hard.
  15. Next we will use our watercolors. First, we are going to paint the ice cream. Paint the scoop on the left side brown.
  16. Paint the scoop on the right side pink with your red paint.
  17. Your brown and red sprinkles lines will show through the paint. Be careful not to touch the wet paint—it takes about three minutes to dry.
  18. Paint the banana yellow. Your orange crayon will show through. Be careful not to touch the wet paint.
  19. Now we will paint the dish light blue. Your white crayon will show through. Be sure not to touch the wet paint again.
  20. The banana split part is done!
  21. We will now finish your background. Using your yellow watercolor, paint the wallpaper.
  22. Then using your purple watercolor, paint the tablecloth.