Valozzi’s Greensburg

Another chapter in a long list of accomplishments began when Helen Vallozzi started making gnocchi in her basement in 1955. Helen quickly outgrew her home operation and moved to a small restaurant in Latrobe where she not only sold gnocchi, but decided to serve them to guests as well. Helen’s son Ernie soon became involved [...]

Domino’s Pizza Latrobe

When it comes to making and delivering delicious pizza, Domino’s is king. Domino’s operates more than 14,000 pizza restaurants in more than 85 countries, and delivers more than 1.5 million pizzas each day. Domino’s delivery experts drive more than 10 million miles across the United States every week to bring you the best food we can make. [...]

Touchdown Club II

The original Touchdown Club was formally organized in 1947, holding meetings at The Mission Inn located at the Route 981 and Route 30 crossroads. Its founders previously met at Sharp’s Restaurant on Route 30 near Mountain View Inn. The premise of the Club’s foundation was to “increase public interest in sports and athletic games and [...]

The Lucky Dog Biscuit Company, LLC

I bake healthy and tasty treats for lucky dogs. All treats are wheat-free with no added preservatives, and include ingredients such as bananas, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. I created my business in October 2017 to share my love of baking and dogs. My beagles Willow and Lyddie are the official taste testers and [...]