Great American Banana Baking Contest

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Contest Information

Turn up the heat for the Great American Banana Baking Contest! Contestants will bake a dessert that has to involve bananas in some form. There are three categories of contestants: Individual, Commercial (Businesses that offer baked goods), and Kids (under 12).



 Entries must be made from scratch, not store-

 MUST CONTAIN BANANA as an ingredient.

 No mixes allowed.

 The item must be fully baked and ready to

 ALL ENTRIES MUST HAVE THE RECIPE ATTACHED, or it will not be accepted

 Baked goods should be prepared in a clean and sanitary manner.

 Entries should be whole baked goods, such as a full
cake or pie, or at least a half dozen of the same item.

 Please do not submit any item that requires refrigeration.

 Participants should bring their own utensils, such
as cake knives or pie servers.

 Contestants may need to provide their own dishes and

 Judging will consider appearance, flavor, texture,
and other factors. For example, a coffee cake might be judged on
its crust, frosting, filling, and crumb.

Accepted Baked Goods

 Breads: Yeast Breads, Quick Breads, & Sweet Breads

 Cookies: Any Cookie

 Cakes: Any cake

 Miscellaneous Sweets: Any dessert item that does not fit in a category listed above

 NO Brownies

 NO Dips or Spreads